by Tristan Harvey

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Eyes of God 03:31
Eyes Of God We are the eyes of God, but more complicated In paradigm, Perception dated We’re Separate While Conjugated Its Juxtaposed when contemplated We are the Heart of God, the ventricle nerve synapsis Tentacles Glass Half full and cynical The atheist The biblical Every life another choice On guide waves A sense of Poise and elegance or to rejoice in consciousness to birth a voice Unique in nature Connected to all that has happened and will. Athirst for it still. Chasing the paper Or quality even a rat wears his face. Despite your distaste In love or in Hate We’re made of the same Stars What if we’re all just Particles driftin’ on a guide wave If we have to then I think we must Get with the nature of the wave Before we dissipate We are the teeth of God, Cut like a knife In love and peace, In pain and strife The will to live, The wish to die Insert the blank to roll the dice Those born again, Those spoke in tongues Those baptized, These hymnal songs Them 9 to 5, Them working men Thieves in the night, Pigs in their pen Disharmonious Yet it seems to fit Through the looking glass Water to the mouth Get this fire lit Gotta keep it new Classic is the shit Looking to the past Dwelling in the now The future never gives
If you're not on the ladder Then brother you must be underneath the bridge If it exists on a plane then it's given a name It it resists just a ghost in the mist The only certain thing is that it's never ever gonna' quit Little boy, you don't know what pain is Better yet, you're going to fret a fickle life away But to you and the saints and the sinners and the thieves May you all keep on with the "Doing what you please." May you all keep on! From the people in the morning to the people in the evening From the old Rasputin to the Jesus H. Christ Never Say Die! Well you know you've reached a dead end state When you don't know what to do with the blessing of a brand new day! Your horizon's in the rear view mirror my dear Won't you put it in reverse and once you get it into gear. Hit the gas and find out what the Hell it's got to say! (Hook) If you're not on the ladder Then brother you must be underneath the bridge! There's not a soul around here to which the end it doesn't fear Some lovin' on the Jesus others drinking all the beer Nobody's got a clue so we just go along with it.
Take another drag Stare into the moon Watch the clouds drift pass Embers fade to ash as you write another tune Sip another coffee This conversation's done While you're drowning your biscotti There's nothing new under the sun Underneath the stone You can find the answer But lonely you will grow A deaf amidst the banter Down the hatch again I need another whiskey indeed Won't you fill it to the brim? Cheers to thoughts no yet conceived. Are we reflections of the past Or just the shadows that it casts? Take another drag...
Mr. Owl 02:33
Mr. Owl Whatchu gonna' teach us tonight? Mr. Owl? He replied... "HOO are you?"
I'm clearing my conscience I'm talking simple like Amish And when you music is honest I'm shoutin' "Mission accomplished!" Can we consolidate all this? This unintelligible garble Another ego to swaddle Another model to coddle Projected hero to follow Come let us scroll as we wallow In jealousy and denial Ignore the scum on the tile They like to call it senile Check out my cats and my style A homicide with no trial And even though we goin' fight them The biggots never indict 'em Between the regal and righteous Give them a spark they goin' light this But we don't need all this violence An #ELEPHANTINTHEROOM Has got be singin' the blues And now I'm reading the news An obstacle to remove Let's keep it local and active Label respect as attractive Repeat it over and over In fact we've got to keep at it... List of addictions to sever Gotta keep it steady as ever I'm talkin' ready for never Gotta make it better and better Enlightenment of a cheshire And a little luck of the rabbit You know we're all on this planet Some only rape it and trash it Begets perpetual sadness It's like we need all this madness Can we be ready for action When Love is only a fraction Of what we need for refraction This paradigm full of passion When shallow hearts are in fashion You can call me crazy When I hold the door for a lady And work when no one will pay me Speak of kindness to greatly It's not a "kind of" or "maybe"...
Dum Dee Dah 02:43
Please forgive the captain He's been drowning in Everclear He tried to get me to take the helm But y'all know I don't steer It's the end of the world I'm over here like #yallweird You're chasing the girl I'm over her like pour me another beer. "Dum Dee Dah"
doodle 02:47
Jeremiah was a preacher A conscious man and avid reader Pats a brow with a handkerchief Stained glass glow was the cause of it Just a business-basket-pass He had every intention to give it back I mean this cat was a Saint, you know? A perserverant heart that rivaled Dave and Job His sermon flowed like Mos Def "New World Water" Fuck a teeter totter Never glutton Straight as a button And when you're fussin' He'll keep you off the 'Tussin Just lovin' not above you Now I know I said that Jeremiah was And not that Jeremiah is Because we shot him yesterday That point was hollow-tipped And you might miss that point of view Because it's not the same Lord you're praisin' Or Hannity's the PROD and you're the cattle just-a-grazin' On some chemical reconstitution Thrice diluted convolution Never strive for restitution What makes up the drugs you're using? Sorry I'm so serious I hit you with some real shit Swag is just the confidence To speak your mind despite this bullshit And it's all just bullshit anyway... Everybody's got something important to say & everybody's got something important to do But when you see it through The end it proves That it's all just bullshit anyway... Caroline never saw the sunrise Never heard a bird cry Only knew a mushroom sky And the shrapnel in her eyes Shattered glass petrified But to you she's just another line In a publication Time We learn from a spoon fed Television set Innervision let go From this life fueled by regret READY SET BLOW! Caroline was only two years old when we dropped that bomb! Civilian Quintillion Messiahs Can't save us from a handful of liars and 314 million hamburger buyers They're self righteous And we like it! Like a bully in the sandbox Takin' all the nice rocks Feelin' up on Goldielocks Smokin' all the bears' pot The have and the have nots Never saw it coming. So watch it from the sidelines Caroline disintegrate to nothing! (hook)
I have been baptized I've spoke in tongues I've stared down the barrel of a gun What have you done? I have worked in the sun I've sweat and bled (And not a single second do I regret) Till long after it was set What have you done? I have been in the right place at the right time When you walked in The Earth stood still and the Angels fought a smile They hadn't felt like that in a while. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! I had words with the Elephant In The Room He said look inside You'll find every obstacle to remove To go where you're going to Won't you go where you're going to?
Every single song doesn’t need a hook Read a book. Take a look around. Everyone’s a crook. Leaps and Bounds. Coulda Woulda Should I I don’t wanna be that guy Semper Phi Marine Child Camp Lejune it’s been awhile. I try man them understand Everyone's a fellow man Bottom to the 1 % Everybody’s livin’ in sin While they grin IT”S A SCAM! The nation is the castle and the Fed is the sand. I ran From tanks in my dreams last night The neighboorhood was locked down This happens all the time. They’re coming to take me away! Catch me see in’ rojo Not chokin’ like Romo Synonymous with Mojo Infinity like ocho Trippin’ in the Dojo Judo Chop Never a flop Slow and steady Destination’s the top Catch me off the chain Catch me out the box 10% of brain That’s a limit you can kick rocks Let’s excel Let’s repel This negativity they deal Let’s address Circumvent Crooked legislation to repeal We are the sovereign We are the government Education with the means to empowerment Freedom’s not a steal It takes a lot of juice to write about how a beat makes you feel
Feel Good 03:31
I just want to make you feel good Could you smile for me? You know I wish you would. And you should. I'm not much for telling people what to do But if an uphill climb has got you feelin' blue Just say au jus Won't you let me carry that weight for you When gravity you cannot diffuse Let me imbue you to undo. About Nothing! So much ado An obstacle we tend to over-value Rebuke the residue
It's not the Mona Lisa, But it's in the framed adjacent.


released March 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Tristan Harvey Gainesville, Florida

Give a scatter-brain a computer, a few instruments and some free time and you'll find this DIY artist in his element. Tristan Harvey is a multi-intrumentalist, emcee, writer, performer and producer originally from South Florida. Sometimes he's got something to say, others he has a melody to get stuck in your head, but he always strives to make you feel exactly how he felt, by any means necessary. ... more

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